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Frequently-Asked Questions

Every situation is different. Let's walk through a few common inquiries.

Yes, we offer a no-cost initial consultation to go over your requirements. We will offer our best initial advice, but there’s absolutely no obligation to continue further. We want this to work for both of us!

We are not equipped to offer only individual tax return preparation. We recommend Tax Act, Turbo Tax, or visiting with a local CPA that specializes in tax prep. If you will be working with us a business or non-profit client, tax return prep is an add-on service we offer.

Our base software is QuickBooks Online. It’s adaptable to any size business or non-profit. There are also loads of options for industry-specific applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online. Using a different system? Let’s talk. We do have work-arounds for other systems as well.

We will work as quickly as possible, but it really depends on your requirements and how much clean-up work exists. It can be a few days to a few months for large projects. We’ll provide a rough estimate during the initial consultation.

Although we are based in the Southeast close to Knoxville, Tennessee, we have clients relationships throughout North America. Technology today allows us to be just as connected as if you were next door.

Definitely! Most of our clients need considerable clean-up work in the beginning with both small and large companies. There’s no mess too messy!

Yes! Although we do have some solo entrepreneurs, most of our clients do have one or more in-house administrative or bookkeeping staff. We communicate daily with in-house staff — we are on the same team!

Yes! Often larger clients will ask us to communicate with banks, creditors, and vendors using a company email address. We use a multiple-inbox manager tool for this very purpose and can send messages out from your domain.